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Spooktober is Here!

31 Oct 2022

At BHPH we have compiled the ultimate design guide for surviving Halloween. Read below for our Top 10 Halloween Designs. From murderous maniacs to the classic horror monsters, we’ve got the architectural tips on how to upgrade your home.

The Conjuring (2013)
The Warren’s Artefact Room
If you find yourself in the possession of a cursed object (or maybe a collection of them) this is the right solution for you. All you need is: a spare room, holy water, strong iron or silver lock on the door and a few crucifixes. A blessing from a priest is also highly suggested. To create the right mood, we recommend dim red-ish tint lighting and a few candles.
Just never forget to lock the room before the ‘witching hour’!

Halloween Kills (2021)
Basement Room Trap
Panic rooms are so 2002!
If just like Laurie Strode you are tired of running away from a murderer now is the time to fight back! Take that unused forgotten basement area and turn it into the monster trap of the season.
First thing is to disguise the access. The classics always work great: kitchen island sliding away, doorway behind a bookshelf or just a cleverly positioned rug.
Second is the locking mechanism. We recommend reinforced steel bars that lock the room like a vault. They prevent anything or anyone from coming in, but most importantly, from getting out.
The final step is luring your persecutor into the trap room. This should be easy enough; they would think this is the place you would most likely go to hide from them … but not this time!
Once your ‘monster’ is locked in just do what Laurie would and set the whole house on fire!

Dracula (1992)
Dracula Castle Gardens
This one is for our dark creature readers. Although you might enjoy the shadows and dingy wet corners of your medieval castle or overgrown country mansion, don’t forget about the external spaces. Spend some of your ancient gold on beautiful Italian stone and a good landscape designer! This will transform your garden and make the whole place look so much more inviting. You want more unsuspecting visitors to just wonder in right!?
Also, the scent of roses is excellent in concealing the rotting smell of zombies, poison, 19th century unwashed tapestry or a jarred collection of animal body parts.

Hereditary (2018)
The Tree House
A tree house offers fun for the whole family! This is a great DIY project to do with your kids. It is a multifunctional space with multigenerational occupants. It is flexible and has just the right level of privacy with the convenience of being walking distance from your home. The kids can play in the tree house during the day, conveniently doing all the interior decorating and cleaning of the space. After dark is when parents take over the use of the space for their cult gatherings, rituals, sacrifices and any other secret occult activities.

American Psycho (2000)
Patrick Bateman’s Apartment
The classic classy bachelor pad. The all-around polished surfaces are easy to clean. The black and white interior theme is a top trend year after year. Well lit spaces with large windows because you have nothing to hide! A few designer furniture pieces bring that high end edge. All integrated appliances and of course a good surround sound system. We recommend additional sound insulation if you happen to have nosy neighbours.

Us (2019)
The Underground *with bunnies
This design is for our environmentally conscious major housing developer clients. It might not be easy to convince the planners that creating an underground town is a good idea, but at the end of the day the pros overweight the cons. The lack of natural light is compensated for by the wild wife that is free to roam the corridors of the Underground. And just one storey above we have freed developable area to become natural landscapes. There will be a larger investment required for excavation and waterproofing works, but that is replacing road surfacing, roofing materials and other external finishes of a traditional above ground development.

13 Ghosts (2001)
The Glass Mansion
Apart from residential developments we are involved in the design of many commercial, leisure and industrial buildings. The Glass Mansion concept is always a great precedent for occult museums, monster prisons, and mythical creature zoos. The circulation around the building is conveniently designed as a labyrinth which helps you explore every single room in the Mansion (maybe even more than once!). No need for visitors maps or signs, the building itself will guide you around. It might be difficult to find the exit, but why would you want to leave anyway!
Almost all internal partitions of the building are glass which again provides great views across rooms and floors, enhancing the visitor experience. The exhibited creatures/objects are enclosed in glass cages protected by containment spells. Unfortunately, we cannot advise on the spells, but we are happy to recommend specialist consultants for the job.

Winchester (2018)
Haunted Mansion
Renovating the family home can be a daunting task. Most of us will try and avoid living on a “construction site” but there are those few who are almost addicted to constantly changing, updating and expanding their homes. If you get easily bored of the same old décor, if you want to follow the latest trends or like Sarah Winchester, live in a haunted mansion we can assist you with your renovation project. We can expertly detail every obscure design choice: stairs leading to nowhere, towers without an access, rooms of all shapes and sizes and trap doors.
Escape the boredom or vengeful ghosts! *subject to planning

The Skeleton Key (2005)
Rituals Loft
Loft conversions are probably the most common house improvement carried out in England. And if you are looking to create a private space for your hobbies, such as satanic rituals, this is the perfect project for you. Since it is so popular, nobody will suspect what the future use will be, and you can continue to steal souls in the privacy of your own home. As a cost saving exercise, we recommend skipping the Velux windows and filling the space with candles. Leave the room finishes out and embrace the rustic look of unpainted floorboards. Extra dimensions can be added by filling the space with mirrors.

Parasite (2019)
Hidden Basement
The last but not least design proposal for the spooky season is a hidden basement. This is a niche project for high end properties, where complete secrecy is regarded higher than adding value to your home. A hidden basement can only be successfully executed if it is done illegally: no planning permission and no building regulations approval. Of course, we would never advice our clients to build anything like this!
… But hypothetically this is what you will need to account for: adequate waterproofing, good ventilation - we don’t want basement inhabitants to suffocate; concealed access to the ground floor accommodation – ideally from a room guests won’t casually explore; sanitary facilities and food supply/storage; soundproofing. It is ideal if this secret accommodation doesn’t affect your house bills, therefore utilities are best to be supplied from off grid sources and of course sources of entertainment of your choice.

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