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Exciting New Scheme!

14 May 2022

We have been working closely with one of our existing clients to put together a scheme that will not only provide a mix of high-end one and two bedroom but also provide great opportunities for a local hospitality business.

The proposed development consists of 9 high-end apartments including a penthouse suite, roof garden (available for the residents) and both private and public outdoor space.
The design is a modern interpretation of the site’s industrial past with a simple palette of red brick, Corten steel and living green wall accents. The industrial influences are more evident in the design of the proposed restaurant through the use of double hight space, floor to ceiling arched windows and brick detailing.
Sustainability and sustainable design has been at the forefront since the very start of the project; from efficient design, purpose, environmental impact, local context, reasonable sourcing, fabrication process and end of life and deconstruction.

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