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Celebrating World Circular Week!

4 Oct 2022

At BHPH we embrace the circular economy model and we have applied 6 basic principles to our everyday office life:

1. We aim to have a ‘zero landfill’ culture, we may not always succeed but we get closer every day.

2. Using Circular Products from recycled paper to compostable packaging.

3. A number of employees have begun making the switch to EVs and the company is looking at introducing an electric car payback scheme.

4. We have an office full of plants

5. We are aiming to reduce our net electricity intake within the office by reducing printing, using energy efficient bulbs and offsetting our carbon footprint by using More:Trees.

6. ‘The favourite pen’ - a durable pen, a refillable pen, or just choose a recycled pen everyone has one!

Check out the Ellen Macarthur Explaining the Circular Economy and How Society Can Re-think Progress at

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